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Healthy Skin Starter Kit

Easy four step skin routine for glowing radiant skin. The gift of beautiful skin will be very appreciated!

Great gift for teenagers, young adults or anyone wanting to start on a healthy skin regime for sensitve skin!

Product Benefits

Improved Skin tone, hydration and clarity. Improves redness and irritation and may lessen the chance of break outs. 

If you want to add on something else we suggest the Honey Walnut Exfoliant as the ultimate!

Balancing Cleaner 125ml

Deliciously creamy and smoothe to easily remove make up and other impurities from the skin.

Massage on and remove with a damp cloth. 

Balancing Toner Mist 125ml

Use this any time of the day for instant pick up booster and to reduce surface oil on the skin!

Particularly good to tone the pores after cleansing. 

Free Aroma-Moist Light facial cream 60ml

Beautiful gentle and light this super absorbing facail cream is a beautiful mix of Rose and Organic Jojoba.

An essential day or night cream for summer hydration that will never feel heavy.  

Calming Facial Serum 25ml (Gift Boxed)

Beautifully gift boxed serum of Organic compounds rich in anti-oxidants & vitamins.

Healing serum for inflamed or red skin. May use as a top up moisture boost for senistive skin or to spot treat dry irritated inflamed skin. Contains pure rose oil, chmomile and Lavender with organic Jojoba & Rosehip. 


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