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Age Renewal Remedy

GUARANTEED RESULTS for skin softness, vitality & refinement.

Total nutrition & hydration for dry or mature skin. A simple to use 2 step program for morning and night.

Step 1: Apply serum directly to skin after cleansing and toning

Step 2: Apply Aroma-Moist Extra after the serum for hydrated supply skin

Product Benefits

  • High in vitamin A, C & E for skin repair
  • Improves apperance of fine lines
  • Improves skin texture & tone
  • Absorbs readily into the skin
  • Suited to sensitive skin

Renewal Serum 25ml
Repairs & firms skin giving a youthful radiance. Fast penetration for superior results.                                         Serums are proven to penetrate where the metabolic activity happens for cell renewal. Essential oils are one of very few substances proven to penetrate into the bloodstream to be able to influence the metabolic process. We use high anti-oxidant essential oils to have the best effect on helping to turn over new skin cells & improve the overall condition and clarity of the skin.

Aroma-Moist Extra 65ml
Concentrated natural cream moisturiser to feed the skin with vitamins &
nutrients day & night for supple radiant skin. Has slight screening effect against environment damge for day use and calming luxurious essential oils to feel beautiful at any time day or night. Deeply moisturising for mature, dry or dehydrated skin types.

Apply 3-4 drops of Serum to cleansed & toned face directly from dropper to keep the serum live and unaffected.
Smooth serum onto skin & avoid the immediate eye area.
Apply Aroma-Moist Extra facial cream to entire face, throat and chest area after the serum.
Use both products morning and night for dry or damaged skin to get the best results.
If skin type is more unbalnced or combination the serum may be left to night only and cream day and night.

For best results use with Hydrating Cleanser and Honey Walnut Exfoliant to remove dead skin and impurities first.


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