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Wart Zapper

Product Description

Proven results for treating the wart virus. Especially for use with children.

Product Benefits

  • Highly effective treatment to kill the Wart Virus.
  • Effective for stubborn Plantar Warts within aproximately 7-10 days.
  • No nasty or painful treatments required.
  • 100% natural ingredients will not harm young or fragile skin type.
  • Helps build immunity to wart virus instead of destroying skin around the wart.
  • An all Australian indigenous inspired remedy. 

Aroma: Potent spice

Size: 10ml


Please find a list of ingredients used in this product below

  • A blend of essential oils including Niouli
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Thymus vulgaris

How to use this product

Apply 2 drops to the wart infected area and cover with bandaid.
Apply at least 3 times per day and continue until the wart shrinks & disappears.


I had tried the GP's recommended treatment for Plantar Warts on the soles of my 4 year old son's feet. This 'aspirin' paste 'burnt' the skin around the warts and the warts stayed there. We tried the Wart Zapper every night for 2 weeks, and put a bandaid over it after application.

A few times I did it in the day as well, if my son would let me (not often!) After 2 weeks, the warts dried up and fell off, never to return, fantastic result! I am now wondering what to do with all the Wart Zapper that is left over?!

Penelope McNiff, Mt Hawthorn 

I used this on my daughter just 3 times! Her warts disappeared with no sign of them at all.

Ms Maturo, Parkerville


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