10 Reasons we are MORE THAN SKIN DEEP

1. Our products are made by a natural therapist qualified in aromatherapy and holistic therapies who has consulted for many years withclients on health and healing.

2. Our formulas are designed to FEED the skin. They immediately absorb all the nutrients instead of coating the skin with petroleum based oils such as Sorbolene.

3. We only use therapeutic grade and mostly certified organic essential oils, flower remedies and herbal ingredients for your best health & best therapeutic outcome

4. Our skin care does not contain parabens (which can be cancer causing)      

5. We do not use petrochemicals which can cause many side effect skin conditions including eczema. Many common skin products contain parabens and petrochemicals as their stabilising and emulsifying ingredients.

6. We are registered with the Cruelty Free Foundation for refusing to use animal products or products that have been tested on animals.

7. Our products are formulated to allow the penetration of our natural herbals and antioxidants to a deeper layer of the skin where metabolic activity takes place. Thereby providing a real difference in the appearance and tone of the skin but also a holistic effect from the action of our therapeutic aromatherapy oils and flower remedies.

8. We support charities that assist to feed and educate underprivileged children and women in Australia and overseas. We also donate regularly to Greenpeace and support sustainable practices in the production of our products.

 9. We think we are better than most ‘certified organic’ brands because we don’t just use organic we use the best and most appropriate  ingredients we can find in the world for the particular skin type or condition. If its not certified organic but it’s the best we will still use it.

10. Its all about how you feel when you use our skin care and aromatherapy products. We use flower essences and essential oils blended in such a way to affect your health and wellbeing.

We are more than deep...