About Us

Bodyscents was founded by Linda Chatwin in Kalamunda 10 years ago. She started her journey into wellness and beauty as a natural therapist consulting with clients in Kalamunda, WA and Guildford for massage, aromatherapy, healing, aura soma, flower essences, Bowen therapy and Emmett technique. Also conducting holistic workshops and wellness retreats both here and in the South-West.

Linda has trained with the best in Australia for natural chemistry in cosmetics and French techniques of aromatherapy here and also in France for perfumery.

Linda’s passion for health turned into her own line of holistic skin care and healing products based on providing an effective alternative to big name brands.

Bodyscents was formulated to suit sensitive skin and great care is taken to choose ingredients that have a natural affinity with our own skin. This allows the essential oils to be absorbed into the blood stream to have a positive effect on our health & wellbeing.

High quality essential oils are used with organic ingredients and plant essences from all over the world but particularly focussing on Australian therapeutic essential oils.

Each product has been made with the art of natural healing sciences and the love of our environment. Linda upholds that their products are non-harmful in every way. To the end user, the producer, the environment and to animals.

The brand is designed to be bring beauty and bliss to their clients in aroma, texture and appeal. Please enjoy these products and the benefits it will bring to your health and wellbeing and naturally to your radiant new skin.

Why are we different from other brands?

We are more than skin deep because we know beauty comes from within.

We are treating you and your skin from a holistic point of view. What is displayed on the top layers of (our skin) can be a reflection of what is happening on the inside.

Our founder has studied people, health, natural therapies and dis-ease in the body for many years. The formulas were created from the passion to help others and the knowledge obtained from natural science.

Our formulas are exclusive and are created in our own lab by a skin specialist. The focus is not just on what effect it has on the skin but also on how you feel when you use it.

Bodyscents has been committed to making a difference to client’s quality of life through healing aromatherapy blends and therapeutics for over ten years. Our products are “skin food”. Honesty and integrity is the keystone to our brand.

Bodyscents will literally feed the skin with pure, organic and natural food grade ingredients. It has been clinically proven that essential oils travel quickly into the bloodstream and are natural antioxidants, antiviral & antimicrobial. In other words excellent anti-ageing properties and good for our health!

We use an intricate blend of essential oils & flower remedies in our formulas for specific outcomes. Aromatherapy also has an effect on our mood and can simply make you smell and feel amazing!

You will see, feel and smell the difference when you use our products.

We don’t trade on false claims and use inferior ingredients that some skin care companies charge excessive prices for. We don’t use any animal products or fats in our creams. Our creams do not contain parabens and petrochemicals that can be skin sensitive and harmful over time to our organs.

We don’t have the huge marketing budgets that other companies we just make down to earth great value incredible skin care.

We rely on you, our customers to tell the story. We invite you to share your stories with us and your friends and stay in touch. This is how our business has grown, with a happy community of like minded customers who have been enthusiastic enough to share with others.

We invite you check the ingredients list and read the qualities of the organic and natural healing essential oils, carrier oils, Bach and Bush Flower Essences and raw ingredients that makes up our ‘skin food’ formulas. It’s a simple yet intricate assortment of ingredients that are professionally blended for maximum benefits. You won’t find long chemical numbers on our labels.

Don’t forget we offer you a full money back satisfaction guarantee. We know that like us you are looking for something that’s more than skin deep.

Our products will change the way you feel. That’s where the real beauty lies so let us help you shine!

What we do:

We supply health clinics, natural therapists, beauty therapists, day spas, hairdressers and selected quality outlets. Bodyscents also trains a number of consultants who can meet with clients to discuss their needs and requirements and help you host an educational and fun skin care & wellbeing party of your own.

We are committed to producing natural and organic skin care preparations that are of the most effective in the Australian market place. Bodyscents is an environmentally aware and sustainable company with a passion for the natural environment and protecting it for future generations.

A proportion of all sales go to support Greenpeace, Oxfam and The Smith Family as well as other selected charities and fundraising events including the RSPCA and animal shelters.



If you like what we do and have any feedback we would love to hear from you. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any concern with you. We also love to hear how the products have helped you or what your responses to the aromas are! Please give us feedback via our Facebook page or via this page. Until then….wishing you good health happiness and vitality!


We are more than deep...