Certified Organic versus Natural and plant derived aromatherapy product with certified organic ingredients


We have decided not to limit ourselves to being a solely certified organic brand. Although we do use mostly certified ingredients. For instance our best selling Renewal Serum is over 90% certified organic ingredients.


Although we recognise the value of using certified organic ingredients in our natural skin care and healing products we also value being able to source the most beneficial therapeutic ingredient for the ultimate outcome of improving the skin to bring about radiance or bringing a healing outcome to our customers. That means using the best quality available plant species we can source with the most therapeutic outcome. Not just the one that is certified organic.


Where possible we use the certified organic essential oil or raw ingredient. However, it is not always the best! Often it is but sometimes a far better essential oil or raw ingredient is available and it has not been through the process of being registered as certified organic.


Have you had this experience when buying your own fresh produce at the market?

Sometimes you want to buy the organic apples but they are not the variety that you like to eat. They may even be of inferior standard. However, right next to the apples you have the exact Gala apple or Pink Lady that you love to eat, fresh from the tree and without pesticides. Would you then pick organic for the sake of it or would you use what was best for you at the time?


The second apple would serve the purpose the best and is of better enjoyment to you. Similarly we aim to give you the best aromas with the best overall outcome and of course at the highest possible purity, freshness and overall standard.


Bodyscents formulas are very complex, some of our formulas contain up to around 30 different natural ingredients. We make everything ourselves, in our own lab from scratch. Every single ingredient has been tested and considered to be of the highest possible standard. If its not certified organic it is usually pesticide free.


We are so passionate about the controlled environment that the products are made in and the quality of the ingredients that we never use a prepared base for our creams like many brands do. The only exception is the shower gels of which we use a SLS and paraben free base and add our own unique ingredients to.


We use many different varieties of therapeutic grade essential oils, natural herbals and high grade raw plant base ingredients and flower essences. They all have a very specific role in the synergistic effects of the formula and the overall outcome for the health and enjoyment of our customers.


Wishing you the very best enjoyment of our natural skin care, aromatherapy and healing products!

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