Seminar: In Your Face - Insider Secrets on Skincare, Health and Natural Anti-aging

Did you know that many chemicals included in your personal care today are carcinogenic or found to contribute to adverse health affects? In FACT many of those chemicals contribute to wrinkles!

  • Get the dirty dozen report on the top 12 things you need to avoid in your personal care NOW for a longer healthier life and vitality.
  • Find out what the skincare companies dont want you to know.
  • Discover a simple plan for of nutrition for more hydrated healthy and supple skin.
  • Learn more about traditional chinese medicine practices of face reading for health so you can check your own health barometer in the mirror each day.
  • Learn simple steps to take back control of your health and detox slowly and naturally.





Linda Chatwin is a natural chemist and specializes in working with healing plant compounds. Her vast experience has seen her working with clients for 20 years treating pain and disharmony in their body and mind. Her experience and training stretches from aromatherpy, natural chemistry, Bach flower essences, meditation, bodywork therapies including Bowen, massage and Emmett techniques. She has headed her own brand of skincare for many years and has a deep understanding of the health, wellness and beauty industry. She strives to see change that can reduce womens cancers and to create a safer more cruelty free world for us and all living things.  




  • To reveal the most important list of chemicals that you must eliminate           in your personal products to avoid serious health concerns                             (particularly in women). 
  • This will be PACKED with INSIDER SECRETS on the billion dollar skincare & health industry. Get the tools you need to never waste another dollar over the beauty   counter again.
  • Have you ever wondered WHY the skin on your face needs more specific care to the rest of your body? Come along and find out how YOUR FACE can actually give you tell tale signs of the health of your organs.
  • The 7 major things that cause aging skin and natural ways to delay the process and reduce the visible signs.
  • The true causes of acne and other health related skin disorders. What to do   to resolve this embarrassing and persistent problem. Essential information for mums and teens.
  • Discover the natural way to anti-aging through what we eat and what we use on   our faces Natural recipes you can use immediately to Improve specific symptoms.



Feedback from 2013 participants:-

"You have a gift Linda and thankyou for sharing with us, it was beautiful"

"I had the pleasure of being at the Power of A Peaceful Mind Event last year and i can tell you it blew me away what I took away from the seminar in just a few hours I felt I had learnt enought to make some very real changes in my life" Mary Winning, Winthrop

"We wondered what you had done with our client! We brought her in to the seminar for the morning and when we picked her up she looked like a different person! Looking forward to being able to work with you in our business for transformation & guidance" Nicki, Brookleigh, Swan Valley

"Every time I hear Linda speak I learn somehting different. Its fantastic. Thanks for sharing your knowledge & passion with us" Lorraine Bishop, Harvey


DATE: Next In Your Face Seminar will be held 25th November 2015

ARRIVAL: 6.00pm.

START: 6.30pm- 9.00pm

WHERE: Cloud Nine, 58 Angove Street North Perth

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $37 (Until 1st November 2015)

PRICE: $47