Key Ingredients

*certified organic product

Pettigrain (citrus aurantium)

Tones and tightens skin, reducing inflamed acne.  Relieves skin conditions caused by or related to stress.

*Lavender, (lavandula angustifolia)

This healing essential oil promotes new cell growth and balances sebum. Excellent for wound healing, burns and antiseptic. Calming and relaxing. Also highly analgesic for pain when blended with right essential oils and sedative when blended with right essential oils for sleep and hyperactivity. Sourced from our third generation lavender farmer in Sault, South of France.

*Lemon, (citrus limon)

Brightens pale and dull complexions by exfoliation, tones and tightens all skin types.  Valuable for softening cuticles and strengthening nails. Helps to fade discolorations on the skin, a natural skin lightening agent.

Palamarosa (cymbopogon martini)

Stimulates cell regeneration and balances sebum production. Excellent for oily skin and problematic skin types.

Lime (citrus aurantifolia)

Has an astringent, toning and refreshing action helping to clear excess oil.  Very stimulating and refreshing.

Rosewood (aniba rosaeodora)

Regenerative for dull, sensitive, combination and mature skins.  Known as a cell stimulant and tissue regenerator. Balancing for sebum and combination skin types.

Patchouli (pogostemon cablin)

Known to assist in smoothing fine lines this essential oil is an effective treatment for eczema, acne, cuts, wounds, cold sores and burns. Is an essential oil with spiritual significance for mediation and opening of the third eye.

*Calendula (officinalis)

Healing and calming to the skin. Contains flavenoids to boost general health. Used to heal cracked skin, ageing skin and for wound healing and burns.

Neroli (citrus aurantium)

Improves skin elasticity, recommended for all skin types, very gentle essential oil on the skin.  Extremely effective with broken capillaries on the face to help redness or any dry irritated skin condition. Calming and anti-anxiety for the mood.

*Roman chamomile (anthemis nobilis)

A powerful anti-inflammatory useful in the treatment of acne & other skin irritations. This essential oil improves elasticity, strengthens skin tissue and is an effective treatment for dry, flaky or itchy conditions. When blended with the right essential oils is effective sedative for sleep disturbances, stress and anxiety & hyperactivity.  It is also carminative for colic, indigestion & flatulence. Highly effective in a balm for nappy rash and cracked nipples.

*Shea Butter (Coolibutyrospermum parkii)

Helps to improve the elasticity of the skin to visibly combat the signs of ageing skin. Has natural sun screening properties. Origins inAfrica. Emollient and nurturing to the skin.

Ylang Ylang (cananga odorata)

Has a balancing effect on the sebaceous secretions of the skin. Is primarily uplifting to the mood and is known to have euphoric & aphrodisiac properties. We use it for the therapeutic effect on the mood and for toning ageing skin types and balancing oily skin.

Vanilla (vanilla planifolia)

Used primarily as a fragrance this essential oil also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to promote feelings of comfort and produce endorphins (feel good hormones).

*Rosa damascena (damask rose hydrosol)

Hydrating, toning and cooling properties for the skin. Suited in treating broken capillaries, eczema and sensitive or mature skin types.

*Rose (Rosa damascena)

An impressive regenerative for the skin to restore condition and tone to ageing/ mature skin types. It calms redness on sensitive skin and very effective in the treatment of couperose. Of great value for healing of the heart chakra through grief or sadness and calming nervous disorders.

Macadamia oil (macadamia integrifolia)

Readily absorbs into the skin. A nourishing and finely textured oil for dry and mature skins.  A great emollient oil and good for massage.

Apricot kernel oil (prunus armeniaca)

Rich in essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid it is also rich in Vitamins A & E. Used primarily used for sensitive and ageing skin. Absorbs readily into the skin with no greasy after feel.

Centella/Gota Kola oil (centella asiatica)

Increases the production of collagen and strengthens circulation to combat the signs of ageing.

*Rosehip oil (rosa rubiginosa)

Skin regenerative, used primarily as an anti-ageing oil and to assist scar regeneration. Assists with reducing the appearance of fine lines, protects against free radical skin damage, nourishes and moisturises the skin to help stop premature aging.

Carrot Seed oil (daucus carota sativa)

High in Vitamin A. Noted for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects.  Good for dry, mature or sensitive, ageing,

pigmented and sun damaged skins. 

*Frankincense (boswellia carterii)

Known for its rejuvenating properties this essential oil is beneficial for ageing, wrinkles, scarring, ulcers. Also regarded for its spiritual connections for deep relaxation and meditation. It helps alleviate respiratory conditions of the lower respiratory tract ie asthma, colds, catarrh, bronchitis. Used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming the dead to preserve the skin.


*Jojoba Oil

Highly nourishing and moisturising. Not technically an oil but a wax that is very close in constitution to our own natural sebum. Readily absorbs into the skin to retain its elasticity & youthfulness. Particularly useful for sensitive & delicate skin types and oily, acne or problem skin, including eczema. It is naturally antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic, analgesic and contains powerful antioxidants, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E.


Geranium bourbon (pelargonium graveolens)

For the skin its useful in wound healing, ageing skin, oedema, bruising, and stretch marks. It has hormonal benefits for balncing PMT and mood swings and helps with varicose veins and broken capillaries.


Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum)

Australian origin. Highly antiseptic & antiinflammatory for inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and acne.

Nourishing for mature or dry skin types and used as a fixative for the perfumed aromas in a blend.

Helps to heal skin irritations for dry skin and shaving rash. Has a meditative effect on the mood.


*Sweet Marjoram (marjorana hortensis)

Anti-inflammatory for bruising and rheumatism arthritis. Acts as a nervous tonic for tension and anxiety or grief, also for hyperactivity of the body and mind and particularly good for treating insomnia. Also food for strains and muscular pain. (Known also to decrease sexual desire)


*Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum verum)

Highly antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial essential oil. Used in our preparations to kill pathogens

and warts. Very therapeutic in its properties though we also use in a blend to be warming & grounding.


Niouli (Melaleuca Viridiflora)

Australian origin. It is a highly effective therapeutic essential oil; antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-rhematic,

Analgesic, decongestant etc. Effective to loosen catahr and phlegm associated with respiratory conditions.

Effective also for bites, stings and strengthening the blood for circulation and overall health.


*Camellia Oil (tea seed oil)

Rich in Vitamins A & B it is good for nurturing dry skin conditions. It comprises of at least 85% oleic essential fatty acid.

It travels deeper into the dermal layer of the skin and is an excellent carrier for essential oils to travel deeper into the skin to enhance the production of collagen. It acts as an antioxidant for skin and helpful for ageing skin types, scarring and irritated skin conditions.


Phenoxyethanol (preservative)

Phenoxyethanol is an organic chemical compound, a glycol. It is a bactericide often and an effective natural preservative.

It is approved for use in certified organic formulations. We use at less than 1% dilution.

Vitamin E (tocopherol )

Contains natural antioxidants which extend the shelf life of products. It is also an excellent moisturizer and has a powerful anti-inflammatory action on the skin, preventing premature aging. 

Purified water

We us steam distilled purified spring water sourced from a local spring in WA.

Grapefruit Seed Extract (citrus grandis)

Naturally sourced preservative with proven anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.



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