Shelf Life & Packaging

We guarantee a shelf life of a minimum 2 years due to the natural preservative combination we use. Most of products if cared for properly will last longer than this but the freshness of the natural antioxidants may begin to be altered.

All our products are packaged in either amber glass or high quality PET containers which resists the reaction of the essential oils with the packaging thus ensuring a more stable product. If you transfer the product to another container we cannot guarantee its stability.
Any packaging we use is tested thoroughly before sale.

However we occasionally may experience a faulty applicator from time to time which is difficult to quality test. If this occurs you may return the product for replacement.

We recommend that all your products be kept out of direct sunlight or very warm environments. If products are left in a car, hot bathroom, window sills etc they will become chemically altered and will not have the original aroma. The effectiveness of the product may also be decreased.

For this reason all products are marked with the instruction to please store them in a cool dark place. This is to ensure the freshness and purity of your Bodyscents natural skin care and aromatherapy products.

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